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Reusable Kitchen Towels - 15 Rolled onto Kraft Paper Inner

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Here's how to roll your Reusable Kitchen Towels

These are cotton fabric kitchen towels that replace ordinary single-use paper towels.

They come in very handy and are suitable for all uses.

Use, wash, and re-roll them to help reduce single-use items around the world by starting with your home!

Bento bags are a popular Japanese style bag, called a Bukuro, meaning “good fortune” and “bag.”

Use them for shopping, traveling, storage, lunch, snacks, etc. They are light-weight, making them great for storing in your zero-waste kit.

Also doubles great as unique gift bags with the added bonus of being reusable!

Reduce your waste from your morning routine with these reusable ECO-FRIENDLY, unbleached Cotton pour-over coffee filters.

Size 2:  Makes 2 - 6 cups (electric coffee makers) and 1 - 2 cups (non-electric coffee makers)

Size 4: Makes 8 - 12 cups (electric coffee maker) and 8 - 10 cups (non - electric coffee makers) 

Size 6: Makes 10+ cups

These make a great gift for coffee lovers! 

Did You Know?

Our products are made from strong, sustainable fabrics and can be reused many times!

We make, sort and pack each of them by hand - giving you the perfect blend of beauty and quality.

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